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 BlackWolf's Pilot License App

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Mostafa Azzazy

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PostSubject: BlackWolf's Pilot License App   Sun Apr 26, 2015 2:01 pm

What is your ingame nick?[C5]Bl@ckWOLF
Why was your license removed? It didn't removed i didn't get one
Who removed it?No one
What is your rank and/or score? 200
Why should we give the license back to you?it didn't removed
Do you regret the mistake you made that got your license removed?it didn't removed
Do you solely swear not to break the rules again if you get your license back?
i didn't but ok

Note:I didn't get pilot license

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PostSubject: Re: BlackWolf's Pilot License App   Mon Apr 27, 2015 2:04 am

[size=10pt]Accepted [/size]
Contact me In IG i will give you license.
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BlackWolf's Pilot License App
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