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 [C5] Tag applications

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PostSubject: [C5] Tag applications   Fri Apr 24, 2015 5:33 pm


-Having at least 3 supports from other administrators/moderators and [C5] tag holders
-Registred at least 3 weeks in our community
-Having at least 5000 score or more
-Your [C5] tag application should have more than 100 words
-If your tag application gets denied, you may reapply after 2 weeks

Reasons why your application may get denied:
-Having at least 3 or more negative votes by our staff team
-If your tag application has less than 100 words
-If you don't use the format
-Asking staff team to give you +1 vote in application
-Breaking our server/forum rules

If you think you are ready to apply, then do it using the below format

In-Game Name:
Where are you from:
Why do you want the [C5] tag:
For how much time have you been in our community:
Why should we accept you:
Screenshot of your stats in-game:

Good luck to all. Smile
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[C5] Tag applications
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